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Passenger Cars 2000 and up:  $29.75 + Certificate Fee

Passenger Cars 1996 - 1999:  $49.75 + Certificate Fee

Passengers Cars Older than 1995:  $79.75 + Certificate Fee

State Smog Certificate Fee:  $8.25

$10 Extra Fee for Trucks, Vans, Pickups, SUVs,

Out of State and Star Directed Vehicles

One Coupon Per Vehicle

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Smog Check Passing Tips

Worried about not passing?

Having been in the smog check business for decades, we’ve just about seen it all. Our certified technicians are some of the most experienced and well trained in the field. One thing we can’t say enough to our customers is . . .

“Don’t worry.”

Passing the California Smog Inspection is not a problem for the vast majority of vehicles. Just a little bit of preparation and a little knowledge about how the test works can go a long way in helping you breeze through the Smog Check process.

Tips and (no Tricks)

(Really, there are no tricks.)

Keep up on Maintenance– This one’s a no brainer.

  • Different cars require different types of tests depending on vehicle type, and model year, but one thing is always true: every smog check test was designed so that a properly maintained car will pass easily.
  • Do you have a scheduled maintenance due but need that smog check test today? What to do? Call us and ask one of our experienced technicians. We love to chat.

What’s in a smog check?

2000 and newer cars:

  • We ask your car, “How are you?” by conducting a full vehicle diagnostic computer system scan and test.
  • Our technicians also perform a visual and functional inspection

1996 – 1999 Model Year Vehicles:

  • In addition to the visual and functional inspection, your car will receive:
  • Emissions testing at 15 and 25 mph
  • Diagnostic computer system scanning

1995 and older cars

  • Vehicles that are 15 years and older must undergo the following:
  • Emissions test at 15 and 25 mph
  • Visual and Functional Inspection
  • Ignition Timing Check
  • Gas cap test
  • EVAP test (just a fancy name for checking the gas tank for leaks)

More Tips

Warm Up Your Cars

  • Do what your car does best. Drive.
  • When they are at operating temperature, cars run cleaner and better.

Create Memories

  • No, we’re not being sentimental, we’re talking about the onboard memory of your car’s computer.
  • For 1996 and newer cars, the smog check inspection requires scanning the vehicle’s computer memory.
  • Many types of routine service involve either disconnecting the vehicle battery or resetting the car’s computer. This will wipe out the onboard memory, giving your car a case of automotive amnesia.
  • The cure is easy: drive! Between 25-50 miles of regular driving is usually enough to rebuild your car’s precious memories, and to pass the smog check.

Find Good Intentions by Getting an Unbiased Test

  • Test Only Stations (like us!) do not perform any repairs. In fact, smog check inspections are all we do. We don’t stand to profit from repairing your car if it fails. Quite the opposite, we want to test your car as accurately as possible so you are confident in the results.

We Have What it Takes to Be a STAR

  • Star Certified Smog Check stations are the best of the best.
  • Only those rated highest by the State of California for accuracy, integrity, and professionalism are awarded the STAR license.
  • As a STAR certified station, we can perform any smog check test for any vehicle.

The Price of Success

  • We offer online coupons and deals to make your car’s smog check easier on your wallet.
  • We try our best to offer a competitive value with our online deals, but if you find a lower priced coupon locally, let us know. We’ll match it!
  • Get convenient fast local service, without compromising the best rate!

Got a question on passing star smog check? Give us a call anytime!

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